Jan Nivesh Schedule:

Facilitating people to pledge one day’s income and making them Mutual Funds ready.

An action-oriented campaign which encourages Indians to start investing by pledging a day’s income, every month, in Mutual Funds.

The connect programs will include:

Open to everyone, Townhall sessions will be conducted in partnership with leading newspapers, across the length and breadth of the nation. Our expert speakers will talk to the audience about the benefits of a disciplined and regular investment in Mutual Funds.

Open to the employees of a specific company, Corporate events will be conducted at the premises of the organisation. Our speakers will interact with the employees and talk to them about the benefits of investing regularly in Mutual Funds.

Open to everyone, Investor Dialogues will be mega camps held in the top metros of the country. A conversation with market experts who will shed light on Mutual Fund investments and talk to the audience about how to start investing, while focusing on the theme of the series.

Open to specific groups, Clusters are where our common man will be the hero. Factory workers, drivers, farmers - all those who have hardly ever heard of the capital markets, will be educated about Mutual Funds and about the benefits of investing one day's income every month into Mutual Funds.

You can tune into 10 special episodes where we will be focusing on a specific life stage in every episode. From college students to newly-weds to retirees and entrepreneurs, we will be inviting guests to our TV show to interact with our financial experts. Their stories and their financial aspirations will be heard, and they will also be helped to develop a road map to a brighter financial future.