Jan Nivesh explores the financial dreams and aspirations of India’s Gen Next

Jan Nivesh explores the financial dreams and aspirations of India’s Gen Next

The money that you earn is essential to meet the basic necessities of life but is making money just enough or is there more to being financially sound and independent? Jan Nivesh – an investor awareness programme on mutual funds aims to educate people on how to make their hard-earned money grow so that one can dream big and aspire to fulfil their financial goals. Jan Nivesh is a pan-India investor education initiative jointly conducted by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and Times Network.

Jan Nivesh is on a journey to explore the financial aspirations of people from different walks of life and aims to help them grow their money. In the first episode, focusing on the young and restless - generation next, Jan Nivesh interacted with college students to understand their goals and life’s dreams and guided them on how best they can plan their finances.

Financial experts help young minds in decoding their financial concerns, make them understand the importance of investments and provide them with a plan for a bright future. Speaking to the youngsters brought to the forefront an interesting fact that traveling, studying abroad and buying a house are some of the ambitious goals that they are vying for. Discussing a particular case study, Mr Nikhil Kothari – Chief Financial Planner, Etica Wealth Advisor suggested a young travel enthusiast to start saving small sums of money to build a travel fund and divide the travel goals into buckets based on the timeframe.

Mr Harsh Roongta from Harshroongta.com advised the students to be consistent with their investments, no matter how small the amount may be. He also suggested that one should not get demotivated if the ticket size is small. The key to financial freedom lies in knowing the financial goals and investing regularly.

Mr Kothari shed light on the scope of mutual funds and Systematic Investments Planning (SIPs). Encouraging the younger generation, he informed that mutual fund investments are very useful for the common man to plan his finances in a structured manner and investments can be started with a meagre amount of Rs 500 a month. Liquid funds are a great platform for short-term investments, especially for those who are new to the world of mutual funds, suggested Mr Roongta.

Our young and dynamic boys and girls are dreaming big which is a very positive sign, because only when one has clarity of goals can one work towards achieving them, and mutual funds are offering a great platform to these young and fresh investors to join the band wagon of smart investors. With the message of ‘Aaj ki kamai, bhavishya mein kaam aai’, Jan Nivesh is urging people across age groups and social strata to take a pledge to invest at least a day’s income in mutual funds, every month. The initiative is gaining humongous response as more and more people are taking this pledge.

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